IDSA Honors 105 Distinguished Physicians, Scientists with FIDSA

IDSA congratulates the distinguished physicians and scientists from the United States and around the world who were elected this year to be Fellows of IDSA.

Fellowship in IDSA honors those who have achieved professional excellence and provided significant service to the profession. “There has never been a more critical nor more exciting time for the field of infectious diseases. From an emerging outbreak of Ebola in the Congo to domestic outbreaks of measles to working tirelessly to solve the mystery of the patients before them, infectious diseases doctors are on the front lines of research and clinical care, keeping us safe from dangerous illness,” said IDSA President Paul Auwaerter, MD, MBA, FIDSA. “The individuals receiving the FIDSA designation have demonstrated that they are true leaders—in their institutions, their communities, and in the field of infectious diseases.”

Check out the individuals who were honored as Fellows of IDSA.

Clinical Case Challenge on Diagnostics and AMR

We call on you to support the “Clinical Case Challenge” – an international challenge highlighting the value of in vitro diagnostics in the fight against AMR.

This challenge invites medical students, trainees, physicians and others worldwide to submit their case studies on this important healthcare topic, thereby increasing open access cases for medical education.

Many medical schools have gaps in clinical diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) content. A challenge is proposed to solicit clinical diagnostic and AMR clinical cases through a global call for participation. Clinical diagnostics are tests to aid clinical management and/or guide treatment decisions. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage medical students, trainees, physicians, and others to collect or write clinical cases that could be used in medical education and shared online. The challenge has two types of clinical cases: original cases written specifically for the contest and not published before; adapted cases that have been published elsewhere and tailored for medical education use.

Guidelines for submissions are described below. The final deadline for cases is May 1st, 2018.

bioMérieux is proud to be the sole sponsor of this initiative developed by the International Diagnostics Center and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the main organizer of this contest. Send your clinical case!


Questions: Contact the challenge coordinator at



Progress in Combating CREs:

See what all the twitter and buzz is about!  Check out the latest from ARLG’s own Dr. David van Duin on colistin vs caz-avi:


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