Early Stage Investigator Seed Grants


The ARLG provides up to $50,000 in direct costs per year to up to five Early Stage Investigators (ESI) for research in areas related to antibacterial resistance (AR). A key component of the ARLG Mentorship Program, the purpose of the ESI seed grant is to allow researchers to generate preliminary data leading to additional external funding. Researchers who are in the early stages of their career (five years or less) are eligible. ESI seed grants can be used to support initial research in any area related to AR. Importantly, these funds can be used to give ESIs access to strains contained in the ARLG Virtual Biorepository Strain Catalogue.

For additional ESI Seed Grant information, please refer to: ARLG ESI GRANT AT A GLANCE v1.

Application Components

The comprehensive application will ask for the following information as applicable.

  • NIH Biosketch of proposing investigator
  • NIH Biosketch of mentor
  • Letter of support
  • Study rationale
  • Hypothesis
  • Primary objective(s) and endpoint(s) – including primary and secondary (if any) outcome(s)
  • Study centers (proposed)
  • Study population
  • Study design include descriptive research methodology for conducting the study; your research proposal may be sent as an attachment and should to be no more than 3 pages.
  • Intervention/treatment
  • Sample size estimate
  • Timeline and length of participant follow-up
  • New and/or unique assay
  • External support/collaboration/funding
  • Publication references
  • Estimated costs in $ (direct)

Proposals will be reviewed by the ARLG Executive Committee in the order that they are received.


“My primary mentor has been Vance Fowler, MD, and I have benefited tremendously from his leadership of the ARLG. I think this is the ultimate training ground for an early-career investigator with an interest in clinical trials that can address the crisis of antibacterial resistance.”

Thomas L. Holland, MD, MSc
Duke University

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